People Finder UK

People Finder UK is a specialist site designed to help you learn how professional people finder companies find old friends you have lost touch with.

A professional search company will have access to many more systems than the average amateur sleuth but that does not mean that you cannot have a good go at finding people you have lost touch with yourself.

The main systems that a search company will have access to that the general public will not are credit reference information, this is key to easy successful tracing and without it you face an uphill battle to locate someone, especially someone who has only recently moved addresses. You may find from time to time that it is worth using a specialist company to locate someone who has just moved address such as an ex tenant or debtor. Other systems that the professional companies have access to are unlimited electoral roll searches, this means that they can speculate cost free; they can perform tens of searches on your case and then only charge you £50 to locate the person. An amateur sleuth could spend more than that trying to locate a person’s birth certificate!

People Finder UK is here to give you tips on locating people you have lost touch with. The main tips are connected to free systems that you can use online. Some systems that you could find useful are Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and 123people. These are all free ways to reconnect with someone you have recently lost touch with. If you have lost touch with a person over 10 years ago or if you need to find a person’s address rather than just reconnecting with them then you will be more reliant on electoral roll searches. An electoral roll search is a great way to find where someone lives, expect to pay around £5 per search. Look for a People Finder Electoral Roll company that will search from the 2011 electoral roll back to the 1992 electoral roll and a service that can access telephone numbers within your results. There are some great Electoral roll searches out there so have a good look around and see what is available.

People finder UK recommends a service on this site via the links that you can click. So click through and have a look around. Finding people for even longer ago such as people from the 1960s can be even more expensive and time consuming. You would be best served finding good access to birth, deaths and marriage records, these can be invaluable especially if you are looking for a woman who could have got married. If you can find out that she did indeed get married then as well as knowing her correct second name you can also trace her and her husband on the electoral roll, this can make things easier for you. It is important that you get a clear picture in your head of the person you are looking for, so start to write everything you remember about the person down for your records. It is important to have a record of the person you are looking for, as it is then easier to see what it is you can do to locate them. Most systems will not give you the persons current address, you have to piece together small pieces of information from each system, this should lead you to the person you have lost touch with.

If you are looking for old friends and family members that you have not seen in a long time, as horrid as it is to think about you do have to consider that they might no longer be with us. You can check this quite simply by accessing births, deaths, and marriage data. Once you have established that the person has not passed away then you can continue your search.

Good luck with your search to find someone you have lost touch with, we hope you have found some useful tips on People Finder UK.